Mounted Field Sprayer

Mounted Field Sprayer

Technical data

400 L, 600 L, 800 L, 1000 L 10 m. Classic Boom,

600 L, 800 L, 1000 L, 1200 L, 1500 L 12 m. Mechanically Adjustable Boom

600 L, 800 L, 1000 L, 1200 L, 1500 L (12-15 m.) Hydraulically  Adjustable Boom (Side Folding Boom)


Polyethylene Tank (white), Polyethylene Italian 'Verzellesi' tank with including system washing

Annovi Reverberi pump: AR 503 (40 Bar, 54 L / min), AR1064 (50 Bar, 108 L / min ) - Optional AR 713 (40 Bar, 70 L/min)

Command Systems: GI 40 for AR 503, VDR 50 for AR 713, UCM 6

T-Jet one way nozzles (on boom)

Booms height can be adjustable hydraulically (up-down)

Booms opening-closing can be adjustable hydraulically

Shock absorber balance system on boom

Water control of booms is adjusted by 6 points

PTO shaft

Suction hose system


Optional Equipment



12,15,18 m Boom

4 way nozzle (Ø0.2-0.5) for 15 m

4 way nozzle (Ø0.2-0.5) for 18 m

Hydraulically control rowed system (booms can be opening-closing from the tractor)

Electrical hydraulic control system (booms can be opening-closing step by step from the tractor)

Arag electrical water control unit

Arag Bravo 180 electrical water control unit

Mixer for chemicals

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